NH State Representative (Chesire District 17)

Jennifer Rhodes

State Representative, Jennifer Rhodes served her first term representing Cheshire County District 15- Winchester, Richmond, Swanzey, Troy, and Marlborough. She won re-election on Nov. 8,2022 and is currently representing Cheshire District 17. Winchester, Swanzey, Richmond, Troy, and Fitzwilliam.
In her first term she has been appointed as the Vice Chairwoman of the Executive Departments and Administration Committee and also as a member of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. Additionally, she has been appointed to represent New Hampshire's Criminal Justice Committee at the annual National Conference of State Legislatures and served on seven Committee of Conference committees.
She serves on the Executive Committee for the County Delegation and has been appointed to the states highway commission. She is excited to have won her first re-election to continue being a voice for all of her constituents.

About Jennifer

jennifer rhodes

I promote personal responsibility as opposed to government mandates and taxes.

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